Street Projects & Yard Restoration

Yard Restoration

When the City of Willmar completes a Street Project in your neighborhood that impacts your lawn, we need your help to ensure your new grass grows healthy and strong.

How will the City reestablish my lawn?
When your yard is disturbed by a Street Improvement Project, the City will use grass seed yard restoration. The City completes yard restoration using seed after Street Improvement Projects (or Watermain repairs) that may require crews to tear up some grass. 

What can I do to help restore my seeded lawn?
The City needs your help to ensure your new grass grows healthy and strong by practicing the following guidelines.

WATERING - Water each day for at least 10 to 15 minutes in each area of the lawn but do not let puddles form.

MOWING - After 4 weeks, keep foot traffic to a minimum until the first mowing. You may begin to cut the lawn more regularly. In general, keep the lawn between 2.75” to 3.5” during establishment. Wait until after four mowings before regular use of the lawn area resumes.