Fire Marshal Policy


  1. All water mains are to be a minimum of eight (8) inches
  2. All private fire service mains shall comply with NFPA 24.
  3. Wall and yard PIVs are to be electrically-monitored and preferably located a minimum of forty (40) feet from the building. A rated fire-separated room with only direct outside access with OS & Y control valves immediately inside may be accepted in lieu of a PIV.
  4. There shall be a rubber-faced check valve on the supply main as it enters the building.
  5. Underground valves shall be placed five (5) feet on center from the tee or cross fitting.
  6. All fire hydrants shall comply with the following:
  • Hydrants are to be Waterous pacer type or any other type approved by the City Engineer's Office.
  • Buildings are to be protected by private fire hydrants and shall have the number and location of all fire hydrants approved by the Fire Marshal.  The number is to be determined using the Iowa Fire Flow Formula (L x W x H x W' or 3" divided by 100 = GPM).   One fire hydrant shall beprovided for each 1000 GPM or fraction thereof.
  • Fire hydrant spacing shall be in accordance with the International Fire Code Appendix C.
  • Hydrants are to be placed five (5) feet behind the curb or the edge of the roadway.
  • All hydrants in parking lots or places subject to vehicle damage shall be protected by six- (6) inch steel pipe bollards, and set four (4) feet into the ground and four (4) feet above grade, and set in and filled with concrete. These bollards shall be no closer than three (3) feet from the hydrant. The hydrant nozzles are to be adjusted to forty-five (45) degrees to the curb or edge of the road with the bollards placement not to obstruct water flow from the nozzles.
  • Fire hydrants are to have double pumper nozzles.
  • Fire hydrants are to be traffic flange type with the flange two (2) inches above grade.
  • Pumper nozzles are to be thirty (30) inches above grade.
  • All hydrant legs are to be valved at five (5) feet from the tee.
  • All hydrant legs are to be thirty (30) feet or greater in length and are to be eight (8) inches.
  • All hydrants are required to be flushed at maximum flow rate available.
  • Parking shall be prohibited within fifteen (15) feet of the fire hydrant on the street or access side of the hydrant.
  • No plantings (mature size) or objects shall be placed within three (3) feet of any side of the hydrant.    
  • All hydrants are to be flow tested for individual flow capacity and color-coded red. Hydrants equipped with drain plugs (because of high water table) shall be stenciled with a large letter "P" above each pumper nozzle.
  • Fire hydrants subject to snow cover shall have an approved flexible marker attached to the hydrant top.
  • Fire hydrants are the responsibility of the adjoining property owners for regular maintenance.
  • Fire hydrants shall be for fire protection and utility maintenance use only.
  1. All fire valves, PIV's and security gates are to be secured with a Master padlock, placed in a chain if applicable (property owner's responsibility to supply both).
  2. All properties with alarm systems that will automatically summon the fire department or which have the required fire department access openings locked and shall be equipped with one or more fire department key boxes (Knox box). The box is to be placed five-and-a-half (5 Y2) or six (6) feet above grade and above the fire department connection or on the front of the building with no obstructions for ladder placement.
Frank Hanson Fire Marshal   
Jacen Zwagerman Building Official