Sign Permits

Sign Permits

The City of Willmar requires permits for most types of sign installation for businesses and institutions. Permit applications and other information about signs are listed on this page. Temporary signs in residential districts, such as real estate or garage sale signs, are allowed without a permit, provided they do not exceed 8 square feet in area and are displayed on the premises being advertised. Signs may not be placed in public rights-of-way or attached to trees or utility poles. Questions related to signing permits and regulations may be directed to the Willmar City Planning & Development


  • Temporary signs up to 32 square feet are allowed on your commercial property for up to 30 days per quarter.  

  • Two-sided signs count as "1" signs.

  • The City of Willmar requires an 8-foot setback from the right-of-way (behind the sidewalk, most often in business districts).
  • To meet ADA compliance for businesses putting out a temporary sign on a sidewalk, there should be at least a 4' unblocked width to allow for the passage of pedestrians.

Sign Permit Application
For permanent signs mounted on a building or structure, or temporary signs which are free-standing and placed on the property for no more than 30 days.