Charter Commission

As a home rule charter city, the Charter Commission is charged with the continual review of the Willmar City Charter to offer amendments to its rules for full Council approval or to take proposed amendments to a vote of the people for recommended changes.  The commission must meet at least annually and certify their work results to the District Court. Nine (9) citizens serve for four (4) year terms and they are recommended to the Chief Judge of the district court who makes the appointments.  Meetings are called by the Chairman.

Agendas, Minutes, and other information for this Commission are available online as provided. 
To view these files go to Agendas | Minutes | Videos and select a specific year from the sidebar to the left. 

Visit the City Calendar for a schedule of upcoming meetings.


NameTerm Expires
Clarence "Kelly" Welch December, 2018
Dan Reigstad December, 2018
Pat Curry December, 2018
Richard Engan December, 2019
Richard Falk December, 2019
Dwayne Rumney December, 2020
Kevin Halliday December, 2020
Carol Parker December, 2020
Karla Tinklenberg December 2018