Planning Commission

Planning Commission

The Planning Commission is charged with the duty of reviewing and reporting on revisions to the City's master plan and the official City map.  In addition, the Commission reviews requests for conditional use permits for approval.  It is also engaged in promoting interest in and understanding of the City's master plan, planning, zoning, and the physical development of the City.  This is done through the encouragement of citizen participation in its meetings.  The Planning Commission's decisions are subject to City Council approval.

Agendas, Minutes, and other information for this Commission are available online as provided. 
To view these files go to Agendas | Minutes | Videos and select a specific year from the sidebar to the left. 

Visit the City Calendar for a schedule of upcoming meetings.


Stacy Holwerda
Steven Dresler 
Stephanie Carlson
Jasmine Miller 
Jonathan Marchand
Kelsey Vosika
Yvan Fils-Aime
Christopher Buzzeo
John Christianson