Archery Rules

Archery Rules

rsz_archery_park_rules_adobestock_105331296Under City Code Sec. 10-55 (b) Shooting of bows and arrows is prohibited. "It is unlawful to shoot, discharge or otherwise propel an arrow from a bow in the city except under the conditions listed under subsection (c) of this section."

Through the use of standard safety guidelines and a permit process, approved by the Council under City Code Sec. 10-55 (c) (3), a citizen may be allowed to construct and enjoy a private archery range.  Approval is obtained through a permit process and there is no cost to a citizen to obtain a permit.

To obtain a permit download the Private Archery Range Safety Guidelines & Permit Application and submit the completed application to the Chief of Police.  It will then be introduced at a Public Works/Public Safety Committee meeting for review and forwarded to the City Council for full review. Permit & Safety Guidlines may also be picked up from the Willmar Police Department.

Where to Shoot
Archery enthusiests are encouraged to take advantage of the amenities of the Willmar Archery Park.

Municipal Code, Chapter 10, Article III. Dangerous Weapons.