Playground Equipment Off Limits in City Parks

Playground Equipment Off Limits in City Parks

Dated: 3/31/20 4:00 pm

To all:

The city response to the Covid-19 virus is primarily being lead by Governor Walz Office through his Emergency Executive Orders.  Order 20-20 listed public parks and open-air activities that could still be accessed as allowable.  A clarification from the Department of Public Safety listed public playgrounds as excluded from access.  The City of Willmar taped off the structures.  Governor Walz clarified his restrictions as to include public access to playgrounds today.  That resulted in the City removing the caution tape and allowing playgrounds to be accessed.

 We have heard and read public comments and have had conversations with the medical community regarding our last decision, and as noted in the below Q/A, as a city, we can set a standard for our community that is more strict than the State of Minnesota recommendation.  We believe it is in our best interest to close public access to the public playground equipment.  The staff has been instructed to sign and replace the tape surrounding public playground equipment.  Thank you for your patience as we work through the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Brian Gramentz
Willmar City Administrator
333 SW 6th Street
Willmar, MN 56201
Office: 320-214-5160
Brian Gramentz

Willmar Dog Park
The Willmar Dog Park is closed.