Permit Center

Permit Center

The Permit Center is a one-stop-shop resource for citizens of Willmar to access Permits for a variety of projects and needs. Several of our Permit Applications, Fees, and Forms are available online here in our Permit Center, or all of these documents and more can be picked up at City Hall.
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Before beginning your project, an application must be submitted for approval to the City of Willmar. Forms must be filled out and returned to:
Willmar City Offices | PO Box 755 | 333 6th St SW | Willmar, MN 56201
Phone: (320) 235-4913 | Fax: (320) 235-4917


The City of Willmar supports special events and believes that events enhance the vitality, quality of life, and economic prosperity of the community. Special events are important for the growth of the city's current tourism base and attract new visitors which adds to the local quality of life.


Citizens of Willmar may obtain a permit to shoot certain pests within the City of Willmar. Commonly referred to as a “pest permit”, this permit only allows a citizen the ability to discharge a firearm within city limits, which is otherwise prohibited


The City of Willmar recognizes the desire to keep or maintain exotic, domesticated, and a variety of other animals, besides cats and dogs.  These animals are closely regulated within city limits. 


The City of Willmar regulates signage throughout the community. Zoning ordinances have been established to enhance the aesthetic environment and protect the safety of the residents. These standards permit businesses a reasonable and equitable opportunity to advertise their name and service while preserving civic beauty.


Any property owner whose sump pump discharges groundwater accumulations during the winter months may apply for a permit allowing the sump pump to discharge into the sanitary sewer system during the months of November, December, January, February, and March of each year.

Fee Schedule

The City Council adopts an annual Fee Schedule outlining fees for city services. The City Clerk typically presents the Fee Schedule to the Council through a resolution that sets all city fees. It is periodically updated throughout the year.



Haven't found the application you're looking for? Check the Miscellaneous section for permits from Coin Operated Machines to Taxicab Services. Still can't find what you're looking for? Contact City Offices via Phone: (320) 235-4913 or Email.