The City Administrator serves as the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and is responsible to the Council for the administration of all City affairs.  The Administrator is charged with the supervision, authority, and control over all departments and divisions of the City, except Rice Hospital, Municipal Utilities Commission, and Legal Department; evaluates the performance of employees, sets general personnel policies, and approves staff appointments.  The Administrator is responsible for preparing and submitting to the Council of the annual budget, advising the Mayor and Council on administrative and financial needs, and maintaining contact with Federal, State, and local agencies.

The City of Willmar is responsible for delivering essential public services to our customers - the residents, business owners, and visitors.  We are committed to meeting the community's public service needs, value our interrelationship with other governmental entities and embrace the role of a regional leader.  Willmar is focused on its values and commitment to being responsive, efficient, innovative, open, neighborly, and services for the greater good of the community and region.

City Administrator
Leslie Valiant

City of Willmar

333 Southwest 6th Street
Willmar, Minnesota  56201
Phone:  320-235-4913
Email: Leslie Valiant
Fax:  320-235-4917