Parks & Rec Staff, Willmar

Description :

General Information
  • Job Title:
    Parks & Rec Staff
  • Location:
    • 333 6TH ST SW STE 1
    • Willmar, MN, 56201
    • United States
  • Base Pay:
    $9.86 - $18.00 / Hour
  • Employee Type:
    Part-Time Non-Exempt
  • Job Category:
  • Industry:
  • Manage Others:


Performs non-supervisory manual, semi-skilled and skilled workers to perform a wide range of recreational duties.

Organizational Relationships
Communicates with:


  • Internally - Public Works, Arena Staff, Community Center, and City Auditorium
  • Externally –Community Members, Local organizations, and sports associations


  • Assist in the planning, development, and implements the youth/adult recreation program.
  • Promotes and informs the public regarding youth/adult recreation programming.
  • Oversees enrollment and registration for youth/adult recreation.
  • Assist in ordering supplies and equipment for teams.
  • Assists in the setup and painting of athletic fields.
  • Provides support and assistance to volunteer coaches
  • Performs public relation responsibilities in working with parents and community members in addressing their concerns, inquiries, addressing disputes appropriately and fairly.
  • Performs other duties of a comparable level or type, as required.
  • Perform general facilities tasks such as enforce facility rules, regulations, and maintenance.
  • Provide security for community events, assist in set-up and takedown of events
  • Provide coverage in concessions stand and vending

Other Duties and Responsibilities

  • Fundamentals of public relations theories and techniques in promoting, advertising, and/or informing the public of programs, services, courses, or other events/projects.
  • Fundamentals and basic knowledge of recordkeeping and bookkeeping.
  • Basic knowledge concerning the use of computers and related software applications and general business equipment.
  • Knowledge of community resources and community organizations within the community.
  • Knowledge of the theories, philosophy, and approaches to recreational programming, evaluation, and implementation.
  • General knowledge of City policies and procedures pertinent to the activities and programs of Willmar Recreation Department
  • Supervise opening and locking of facilities and uphold the rules of the facility
  • Performs other related duties as assigned by the Recreation Coordinator

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • County and state health laws relating to concessions and food services; state and federal safety requirements including blood-borne pathogens and spills of bodily fluids; air quality laws; fire and building codes; state laws relating to electrical inspections; and federal laws dealing with sexual harassment.
  • Knowledge of the operations of sound systems, scoreboards, and foodservice equipment.
  • Knowledge of current sports rules and recreational programming opportunities
  • Assist the Coordinator in planning, evaluating, implementing, coordinating, scheduling, and arranging recreational programs, activities, events, tournaments, or services.
  • Applying public relation theories and techniques in promoting, advertising, and informing the community of programs and services.
  • Applying judgment and discretion in handling problems, public relation concerns, and issues in accordance with the policies and procedures of the City.
  • Using computers and related software applications and general office equipment, e.g., copiers, facsimiles, and phones.
  • Communication, interpersonal skills as applied to interaction with coworkers, volunteers, department staff, and the general public.

Minimum Qualifications

Experience in recreation programming

Knowledge in up set-up and takedown for events

Working Conditions

Majority of time is spent indoors at City’s multi-purpose facility.  Performs a variety of physical movements such as bending/stooping, pushing/pulling, and twisting/turning.  Operates a variety of equipment and machinery.  Performs a variety of lifting with objects frequently weighing over 50 pounds.  Occasionally enters confined spaces.  Experiences temperature extremes and must maintain balance while working on the ice surface.  Exposure to irritants/fumes, hazardous chemicals, vibrations, infectious diseases, noise, and electric shock.  Uses all types of vision, except color, hearing, and sense of touch.

Contact :
Currently, our application process does not offer applications to be filled out online. We apologize for this inconvenience. Applications and resumes can be mailed or email to the contact below. 


For more information contact:
Parks & Rec Office
2707 Arena Drive
Willmar, Minnesota  56201
Phone:  320-235-1454


Deadline for Applying : Open until filled